LT. Mike Ledoux (Ret.)

CARFAX for Police

Lt. Ledoux serves as the Business Development Manager for the CARFAX for Police program. Prior to working at CARFAX, he spent over 24 years with the Nashua Police Department. His position as the Business Development Manager calls for developing long-term partnerships between CARFAX and Law Enforcement Agencies. Law Enforcement's participation in CARFAX for Police allows access to the CARFAX database and its very unique & valuable investigative tools.

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Joe Stephenson

Internet Search Techniques for Investigators - OSNIT

Joe Stephenson, CIFI, CSMIE is the Director of Digital Intelligence Solutions for Intertel. With 30 years of experience in both civil and criminal investigations, Joe is considered an expert in the field of social media and open source intelligence (OSINT) research. He has lectured internationally to insurance, finance, and government professionals on how to leverage digital resources and to think outside the box with today’s available data.


George Baker

General Motors
General Motors & OnStar

George Baker serves as GM’s primary interface to the local, national and international vehicle crime investigation community.  He leads the Global Vehicle Security Team, working with technical experts in all areas of vehicle security to ensure GM identifies and counters emerging vehicle crime trends to provide optimal vehicle security to GM product owners.     

Prior to this assignment, Baker held a number of positions at General Motors, dating back to July 1995.  He first served as a locomotive program manager in Mexico and Russia.  He then led GM’s automotive activity in Russia, overseeing an emerging dealer network spread over eleven time zones.  In early 2000, he became director of GM Military Trucks, leading the development and deliveries of specially-modified trucks to major military and federal agencies in the United States and overseas.  In April 2004, he became OnStar’s public policy manager and primary liaison to law enforcement, assisting with expansion of services in the US, Europe, Mexico and South America.

Before beginning his corporate career, Baker served in the US Army on tanks and as a Russian Foreign Area Officer. A retired lieutenant colonel and the son of a state trooper, George holds an engineering degree from West Point and a master’s degree in Russian area studies from Harvard University.

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LT. Thomas Paret (Ret.)

Thomas Paret & Associates LLC
Interview & Interrogation I & II

Lt. Thomas Paret (Ret.) began his law enforcement career in 1992 as a patrolman with the North Bergen Police Department (Hudson County). In 1997, he joined the New Jersey State Police as a State Trooper, and was assigned to Field Operations. He then was selected to the Narcotics Organized Crime Bureau, where he spent five years working in an undercover capacity and conducting long term narcotic investigations as well as wire-tap intercepts.

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Leroy Waite, Ph.D., P.E., CXL

Biomechanical Analysis in Low Speed Collisions

Dr. Leroy (Lee) Waite a biomechanist and registered professional engineer in more than 12 states. His primary areas of consulting expertise include injury consistency biomechanics, vehicle accident reconstruction, slip/trip and fall cases, medical device failures, and fluid and biofluid mechanics. As a forensics consultant, Dr. Waite performs biomechanical analysis on cases involving low-speed vehicle accidents, occupational injuries, driver determination, helmet and seat belt usage, slip-resistance testing, and slip/trip/fall incidents, including slip/trips and falls on stairs. He also performs occupant motion studies to determine injury potential/consistency, vehicle occupant positions, and seatbelt/helmet use. He uses both computer and physical models to reconstruct those accidents and to measure the load and injury levels. In addition to his native English, Dr. Waite is fluent in German. He received his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Iowa State University, where he also studied mechanical engineering.


Dennis Mignogno

Building the History of the Vehicle, Cause & Origin Investigation

Dennis Mignogno is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, and Certified Fire Investigator Instructor through the National Association of Fire Investigators. Dennis has 31 years of experience in the fire service, including five years as a fire chief. He also has 20 years of experience in the field of automotive repair and 22 years of experience as a forensic examiner. Dennis has instructed many seminars across varied topics, including Vehicle Fire Investigation, Mechanical Failure, and Forensic Photography. He is a member in good standing of the National Association of Fire Investigators, the International Association of Arson investigations, and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. Dennis is also a Forensic Locksmith trained by the Associated Locksmiths of America. He has testified as an expert witness in both state and federal court.


George B. Ripley, CIFI, FCLS, ACLS, IAAI-FIT

Donegal Insurance
Preparation for Courtroom Testimony

George is the SIU Manager for Donegal Insurance Group where he has worked for 3 1/2 years. In this capacity, he manages the company’s anti-fraud program, anti-fraud compliance and insurance fraud investigations across multiple lines of business. Prior to Donegal, he spent 21 years employed with the York City Police Dept. in York, PA.  During his career as a York City Detective, he investigated over 150 Homicide cases and a steady caseload of Major Crimes. He has logged in countless hours in the interview room and testifying in jury trials.  He de-briefed almost every jury at trial conclusion for research and professional development. George was the Supervising Detective when he retired from police work in 2018. He instructed Police Officers and Detectives in the areas of interview, interrogation and court room presence and testimony. He has been published in an online magazine and interviewed on regional television regarding the unconventional use of magic to remove barriers during interviews, interrogations and witness interactions.  Unsurprisingly, he is also a professional magician who performs magic for corporate events, fundraisers and once a month on Fox 43 Morning News.


Greg H. Bristol

The Human Trafficking Investigation & Training Institute
Human Trafficking I & II

Greg Bristol is a retired FBI Special Agent and a subject matter expert in the investigations of human trafficking and hate crimes. He applies his FBI expertise to determine the difference between a labor violation and forced labor or the difference between consensual prostitution and sex trafficking. He has taught police officers how to investigate human trafficking and hate crimes since 2006, first as a certified FBI police trainer, and secondly as the President of the Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute (HTITI).

Mr. Bristol is currently an expert consultant with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime - Training & Technical Assistance Center, where he assists in financial fraud, hate crimes, human trafficking, and government corruption matters. His career as a State Trooper, a Special Agent with the FBI, and as a Special Agent with the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has given him hands-on experience on how to investigate crimes, collect evidence, and testify in court. He has built a successful training company that teaches law enforcement officers enhanced human trafficking investigative skills as well as policies and procedures on how to conduct a human trafficking investigation.


Robert Ferreiro

Warren Township PD (NJ)/Street Cop Training

Identifying Criminal Vehicles & Occupants I & II

Sgt. Rob Ferreiro has been a Police Officer since 2006 in a New Jersey Municipal Police Department. Ferreiro is a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) who commands a specialized criminal interdiction task force that is responsible for stopping a wide variety of crimes. He has generated over 400 officer-initiated arrests with the successful prosecution of offenders responsible for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree narcotic, conspiracy and weapon charges, as well as numerous DWI offenders. He has been recognized for some of the largest self-initiated drug seizures in Somerset County, NJ. Sgt. Ferreiro is directly responsible for arrests surrounding the seizure of hundreds of pounds of narcotics, as well as gun trafficking, interstate organized retail theft and fraud crimes.

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A. G. Speake

Berla/California Highway Patrol
Vehicle Infotainment

A.G. Speake - is a Detective with the California Highway Patrol specializing in auto theft, computer crimes, cell phone forensics as well as a Certified Berla Vehicle Forensics Instructor and a Computer forensics instructor for the California Department of Justice. His field experience has proven to be an invaluable asset, applying the latest vehicle forensic technology and data analysis tools to today's vehicle crimes. His goal is to create awareness of the investigative applications for the data stored in infotainment and telematics systems while combating Auto theft. 


LT. Jarek Pyrzanowski

New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
Vehicle Finance Fraud

Formerly assigned to the NJSP Auto Theft Task Force and an expert in Vehicle Theft and Vehicle Finance Fraud, Lt. Pyrzanowski currently oversees a specialized unit investigating Medicaid fraud and prescription drug fraud. Find out how these two seemingly unrelated expertises fit together in a complex world and how you can leverage both utilizing automobile crime investigation techniques.


Jeremy Scheetz

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs I & II

Since 2003, IOS Scheetz  has been employed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).  He has been involved with numerous long-term State and Federal outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) investigations.  Besides providing proficient OMG analysis during hundreds of long or short-term investigations, and conducting debriefings of OMG members, prospective members and/or known associates, ISO Scheetz has traveled the globe working and/or monitoring OMG events, parties and runs.  He has worked worked the Sturgis Bike Rally; Myrtle Beach Bike Week; Virginia Beach Bike Week; and numerous events sponsored by, but not limited to, the Hells Angels, Pagan’s, Mongols, Outlaws, Bandidos, Iron Horsemen, Wheels of Soul and their support clubs.


James D'Angelo

Rhode Island State Police
Vehicle Traps

Trooper James D’Angelo has been a member of the Rhode Island State Police for over 10 years. He is currently assigned to the Domestic Highway Enforcement Unit and has been a patrol and narcotics K9 handler for the past 6 years. Trooper D’Angelo has a focus in proactive criminal enforcement and hidden compartments and has attended several trainings and conferences to further his expertise in this area. He has been invited as a guest instructor in numerous Criminal Interdiction and Hidden Compartment Trainings.


Sherry LeVeque


Sherry LeVeque is the Assistant Manager of Emergency Services Outreach at OnStar and focuses on public safety education of OnStar’s emergency and stolen vehicle assistance technologies. Prior to this role, Sherry spent four years designing OnStar’s emergency and stolen vehicle curriculum, supporting the implementation of Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. Before joining OnStar in 2007, she worked at Troy PD (MI) in the jail and as a Communications Training Supervisor for eleven years. She has served on the IACP Vehicle Crime Committee for five years and holds degrees in Law Enforcement and Human Resources, a Masters in Training & Development.


Cory Rodriguez

New Jersey State Police, Auto Theft Task Force
Vehicle Theft Trends

Detective Sergeant Cory Rodriguez, is assigned to the New Jersey State Police, Motor Vehicle Crimes North Unit, Auto Theft Task Force.  He has been a member of the New Jersey State Police for over 14 years. DSG Rodriguez has attended the New York City Police Department’s Auto Crimes School, Interpol's Project Formatrain, is an IAATI Certified Vehicle Crime Specialist, a certified Berla vehicle forensics investigator, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.  DSG Rodriguez is also 2nd Vice President of the Northeast Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.