May 25, 2021

Introduction to Vehicle Telematics

9:00 AM EST

This course will provide an overview of vehicle telematics systems found in most new cars manufactured today.  These systems offer services such as stolen vehicle assist, remote entry, turn by turn directions, vehicle diagnostics, and more.  Attendees will gain a general understanding of how the systems work.  Attendees will learn how to determine if a vehicle has a telematics system, the name of that system, what information that system may contain, and how that information may benefit a criminal investigation.  Attendees will learn how to locate a vehicle using the telematics system.  The second portion of the course will discuss new techniques being developed to track a vehicle, like a cell phone various.  Unique identifiers such as MEID, IMEI, and IMSI will be discussed.  It will be explained why these numbers are important to telematics and to an investigation.  Attendees will learn where and how to find these unique identifiers.  An example of a successful telematic system search warrant, vehicle ping order, pen registry / trap and trace order will be explained and shown.   Attendees will be given a contact list for all major vehicle manufacturers telematic service providers.

M. Lynch

Mr. Lynch recently retired on March 1, 2021 after over 23 years in law enforcement, serving with both the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Montgomery County Police in Maryland.  During his 20 plus years with the Montgomery County Police, he was assigned to patrol, the Centralized Auto Theft Section, and the Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Section.  Mr. Lynch also completed temporary assignments within the Special Operations Division, Financial Crimes Section, Training Development Section, and the Electronic Technical Surveillance Unit.  He is an IAATI Level One Certified Auto Theft Investigator, a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator (CFCI), an ASE Certified Automobile Technician, and a Maryland Certified Police Academic Instructor.  Twice, Mr. Lynch has been declared an expert in court.  During his career, Mr. Lynch has received numerous awards and accommodations including Officer of the Year, a Senate of Maryland Distinguished Service Citation, Superior Investigation Award, and two lifesaving awards.  Mr. Lynch has developed and presented numerous training classes across various disciplines including Introduction to Vehicle Investigations Course (IVIC), Advanced Auto Theft – Highlight on Mercedes, U.S. Vehicle Manufactures, Auto Finance Fraud, and Introduction to Telematics.  These classes have been presented, locally, regionally and nationally. Mr. Lynch has an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from York College of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in criminal justice, with a concentration in emergency management, at American Military University.  

May 25, 2021

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 

11:00 AM EST

The way people choose to communicate and the tools that facilitate that communication is evolving rapidly.  Using open source intelligence (OSINT,) the attendees will be shown how to go past surface, internet searches and take a deep dive into the web using advanced online search techniques.  We will also discuss how to examine and properly collect the information that is found during the investigation.  This will include knowing how to understand metadata which is often found with any user-created file to include photographs, documents, and websites.  Just as important as locating the information, this talk will discuss how investigators can protect themselves (and their families) during online investigations.  In the end, the attendees will walk away with a wide range of web-based information sources and tools needed to find and examine user-created data and conduct a complete, online investigation.

Steve Beltz


As Director of Learning and Development, Steve leads the day-to-day events and development of field trainers.  He is responsible for competent and quality-driven delivery of on-site and webinar training programs for internal staff, member organizations, and Law Enforcement. Previously, Steve was a special agent with NICB, specializing in data analysis, and responsible for conducting investigations involving auto theft, property and casualty, arson, worker’s compensation, and medical fraud as well as training law enforcement and insurance personnel. In the past, Steve has been in law enforcement directly or in support operations for over 30 years. His past assignments include computer and audio/video forensic and data analysis for the Department of State and Department of Defense. Steve also served as Assistant Director of the federal Recovery Operation Center in Washington DC, performing “big data” analysis in support of federal fraud investigations. Before that, Steve had been employed by the Washington State Patrol, where he spent most of his career as a detective specializing in major crime scene investigations, computer forensics, and criminal intelligence.

May 25, 2021

Cargo & Pilferage Theft

1:00 PM EST

The presentation will cover a high level overview of cargo theft, the industry data and what that data tells us and the progression of specific methods.  We will then narrow down to discuss in more detail the issue of pilferage based thefts.  Pilferage theft has been consistently on the rise to include the industry critical issue of broken seals.  We will discuss the reasons for the increase, the projections going forward, show specific examples of pilferage related theft as well as preventive steps that can be taken.

Scott Cornell

Travelers Inland Marine

Scott Cornell, National Practice Leader Transportation and Crime & Theft Specialist, Travelers Inland Marine, has been in the insurance industry for 19 years with Travelers and is currently leading the Cargo/Transportation division. Prior to his current role he conducted investigations for 25 years, specializing in cargo theft and transportation, internal theft, embezzlement and corporate investigations and is a nationally recognized expert in the cargo theft field. Scott helped create a fully dedicated cargo theft unit for Travelers, known as SIG (Special Investigations Group), and is a co-inventor of multiple patented processes for methods and systems for providing customized risk mitigation and recovery to an insurance customer. He and the SIG team regularly partner with law enforcement and cargo task forces nationwide. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman for TAPA (Transportation Asset Protection Agency). Scott has been an instructor and speaker regarding cargo theft and prevention at numerous engagements, including ATA, IASIU, Miami Dade PD Cargo School, Midwest cargo Summit, Texas Cargo Summit, TIDA, TCA, TLC, TIA and the National Cargo Theft Law Enforcement Summit.

May 25, 2021

Body Shop & Odometer Fraud

1:00 PM EST

This session is designed to provide the investigator the knowledge need to identify, document and fight fraudulent activities by collision shops. Such activities include false accident to instigate a claim, damage enhancement, and improper repairs. This session will also teach how to identify improper repairs such as low-quality parts, repair instead of replacement of damage parts, i.e. fenders and repairs that are simply not done. Once the fraudulent activity is identified and documented, this session will provide ways to address the fraud with the shop by either direct communication, civil litigation or criminal proceeding. Attendees will be encouraged to known what the State Laws say as to consumer protections related to automotive repair. In addition, this session will show how automotive shops and individual are able to manipulate odometers for fraudulent resale, lease return, warranty and insurance fraud purposes. Examples of all issues identified will be provided and shown along with success stories.

Jason Keller

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan

Jason Keller, Special Investigator for the past 17 years for Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan specializing in automobile theft, fire, physical damage and repair fraud. Jason graduated from Ferris State University in 1993 with a degree in Accounting and started his career at Michigan Farm Bureau as an Internal Auditor before becoming an Investigator. Jason is a member of IASIU, the Michigan Chapter of IASIU, IAATI, and MAVTI. He has also had the honor of serving on the Board and past President of the Michigan Chapter of IASIU. Jason has presented at IASIU annual conference, Chapter meetings of IASIU, the annual Chapter conference, the MAVTI conference and the NCRC conference of IAATI. Jason lives with his beautiful wife of 26 years, Tammy with their three children.

May 25, 2021

Combating Low Impact Collision Claims

9:00 AM EST

Frustration is what we hear throughout the industry when confronting bodily injury claims emanating out of low impact collisions. The damages are so minor, common sense screams no one could have been injured. Yet, insurers settle these claims every day for substantial sums, because liability is clear or they want to avoid litigation expenses. This presentation provides a process to attack these suspect claims at an early stage, with a consistent investigative and dispositive strategy. Focus is not centered on the analysis of medical records concerning treatment of subjective complaints of soft-tissue injuries. Rather, the presentation assesses the element of “causation” and the credibility of the claimant. Attendees will be provided with a clear game plan on how to approach these claims that will contain costs, reduce indemnification and avoid litigation.

Adam Brand

Brand & Tapply, LLC

Adam J. Brand, founder and managing partner of Brand & Tapply, LLC, represents insurance clientele in all phases of first and third-party coverage and litigation. Brand & Tapply, LLC specializes in combating suspect claims throughout the United States in virtually all lines of insurance. Mr. Brand has extensive trial experience before state and federal courts in complex coverage litigation, automobile, commercial and homeowner fraud and arson cases, as well as medical provider, bad faith and extra-contractual liability matters. Mr. Brand is actively involved in the insurance industry’s education efforts and has served as a panelist and lecturer at seminars and conferences sponsored by international, national and local insurance organizations.

May 25, 2021

Prying Open the Elusive Door of Motive in Fraud Cases

11:00 AM EST

Motive in fraud cases sometimes seems like an elusive door which is not immediately apparent and needs to be pried open.  We will discuss in what types of cases motive must be legally proven.  We will examine different types of motive from drugs to hidden financial distress, which induce the minds of some to criminal acts.   Participants will learn how to explore motive and once cracked open, how to widen the door through probing questions.  We will also identify financial records to request and will be giving tips on how to scrutinize them through the eyes and experience of a forensic accountant.  Reading tax records, profit and loss statements and other financial records can be intimidating for most, particularly with respect to businesses.  We will also consider the proper use of motive indicators and classifications in the fire investigation process as set forth in NFPA-921, as well the distinction between motive and intent.  

Scott Storm

Hurwitz & Fine, P.C.

Scott Storm is a member of Hurwitz & Fine, PC.  He has a multi-state insurance coverage practice of first-party property and third-party liability coverage matters of all commercial and personal property and casualty lines, including: analysis and evaluation of coverage issues; litigation of coverage disputes with policyholders or other insurers, through trial and appellate practice; and representation of insurers in intercompany arbitration matters.  He has exceptional experience in special investigations and conducting examinations under oath, as well as a substantial caseload of personal and commercial lines fraud and arson cases for insurers.  His practice also comprises insurance liability defense litigation of personal and commercial lines cases. Scott is admitted to the practice of law in New York State, its four federal districts and the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; as well as the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. District Court, Western District of Pa. He received his B.A. degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo and J. D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Scott is a supporting member of the New York State Chapter of Special Investigation Units, Inc.; International Association of Special Investigation Units; Erie County Bar Association; and Buffalo Claims Association.  He has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 through 2020 editions of New York Super Lawyers – Upstate Edition. You may contact Scott at and (716) 220-1478. 

May 25, 2021

The Art of Interviewing, Illusions and Successful Court Room Testimony

1:00 PM EST

The entire process of interviewing and interrogation is often described as the process of creating illusions to obtain information. Perception and impression in the court room are often overlooked in the final stage of your investigative work product.  This course talks about human behavior and cognitive psychology and applies them to interviews, interrogations and court room testimony. Information is the commodity for professional investigators. This course will provide insight in the use of traditional and non-conventional DBR, active listening and the power of the question mark. It will also focus on perceptual illusions to aid information collection and courtroom success.

George Ripley

Donegal Insurance Group

George is the SIU Manager for Donegal Insurance Group where he has worked for the past 2 ½  years. Prior to Donegal, he spent 21 years employed with the York City Police Dept. in York, PA. During his career as a York City Detective, he investigated over 150 Homicide cases in addition to managing a caseload of Major Crimes. He has logged in countless hours in the interview room and testifying in jury trials.  He de-briefed almost every jury at trial conclusion for research and professional development. George was the Supervising Detective when he retired from police work in 2018. He was also a Certified Voice Stress Examiner and instructed Police Officers and Detectives in the areas of interview, interrogation and court testimony. He has been published in an online magazine on the unconventional use of magic to remove barriers during interviews, interrogations and neighborhood canvassing.  Unsurprisingly, he is also a professional magician who performs magic for corporate events, fundraisers and once a month on television for Fox 43 Morning News.  

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