Tuesday May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021

Global Security & General Motors

9:00 AM EST

Global security update with regard to manufacturer security protocols, developments and technology.


George Baker III

General Motors Corporation

George Baker serves as GM’s primary interface to the international vehicle crime investigation community.  He leads GM’s Global Vehicle Security Team, working with GM’s technical experts to ensure GM understands and counters current and emerging vehicle crime methods to provide optimal vehicle security to GM product owners. George has held a variety of positions at General Motors since 1995, including locomotive program manager in Mexico and Russia, sales/marketing/aftersales director in Moscow, director of GM Military Trucks, and OnStar’s primary liaison to law enforcement. He holds an engineering degree from West Point and a master’s degree in Russian area studies from Harvard University.  George is a retired US Army officer following his service on tanks and in the Army’s military liaison program.

May 25, 2021

Automobile Finance Crimes

9:00 AM EST

The course is designed to demonstrate how auto finance fraud, used car dealer fraud, and automobile straw purchasing is the new face of auto theft.  This activity is often miscategorized by financial institutions and insurance companies as an identity theft or credit loss and is routinely considered by law enforcement as a civil matter.  The course will show clear examples of organized criminal activity, money laundering, and insurance fraud on a local, national and international scale.  The presentation will discuss many fraud related crimes with real examples from New Jersey cases involving vehicles, such as subleasing scams, title fraud, identity theft, straw buying, use of multi-dealer locations, temporary registrations and why these schemes should be considered criminal offenses as opposed to civil matters.  


Lt. Jarek Pyrzanowski

New Jersey State Police

Lieutenant Jarek Pyrzanowski has been a member of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, Insurance Fraud Prosecutor’s Office since February 2000.  Prior to joining DCJ/OIFP, Lieutenant Pyrzanowski worked in the Special Investigations Section of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and as a Borough of Belmar Police Department patrol officer.  Prior to being promoted to Lieutenant, Jarek Pyrzanowski was a Member of the New Jersey State Police, Motor Vehicle Crimes Unit - Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF).  Throughout his twenty year law enforcement career, he has been assigned to various units that conduct complex investigations pertaining to automobile crimes, financial crimes, criminal street gang crimes, drug trafficking and official misconduct.  

May 25, 2021

Combating Low Impact Collision Claims

11:00 AM EST

Frustration is what we hear throughout the industry when confronting bodily injury claims emanating out of low impact collisions. The damages are so minor, common sense screams no one could have been injured. Yet, insurers settle these claims every day for substantial sums, because liability is clear or they want to avoid litigation expenses. This presentation provides a process to attack these suspect claims at an early stage, with a consistent investigative and dispositive strategy. Focus is not centered on the analysis of medical records concerning treatment of subjective complaints of soft-tissue injuries. Rather, the presentation assesses the element of “causation” and the credibility of the claimant. Attendees will be provided with a clear game plan on how to approach these claims that will contain costs, reduce indemnification and avoid litigation.


Adam Brand

Brand & Tapply, LLC

Adam J. Brand, founder and managing partner of Brand & Tapply, LLC, represents insurance clientele in all phases of first and third-party coverage and litigation. Brand & Tapply, LLC specializes in combating suspect claims throughout the United States in virtually all lines of insurance. Mr. Brand has extensive trial experience before state and federal courts in complex coverage litigation, automobile, commercial and homeowner fraud and arson cases, as well as medical provider, bad faith and extra-contractual liability matters. Mr. Brand is actively involved in the insurance industry’s education efforts and has served as a panelist and lecturer at seminars and conferences sponsored by international, national and local insurance organizations.

May 25, 2021

Accessing Vehicle Data for Advancing Auto Theft Investigations

11:00 AM EST

As the technology in modern day vehicles continues to grow, so does the evidentiary value of the data they collect and generate. When a vehicle is used under normal conditions, over 150 electronic control units, or ECUs, collectively execute over 300 million lines of code - averaging over a terabyte of data each day. As an auto theft investigator seeking answers, this mountain of data may uncover the potential number of people in the car, locations the vehicle has been, the speed at which it traveled, driving behavior, phone calls made or messages sent/received by any connected device(s), internet activity of occupants before and leading up to an event, gear shifts, doors opening and closing, odometer readings and digital VINs that may or may not corroborate with a vehicle's visible VINs. In this session, A.G. will focus on the vehicle forensics process, west coast auto theft trends, and new developments on acquiring key vehicle identifiers from multiple ECUs across a vehicle's network.


A.G. Speake


Detective A.G. Speake is active with the California Highway Patrol, specializing in auto theft, vehicle system forensics, computer crimes and cell phone forensics. He has been a Certified Vehicle System Forensics Instructor for several years, where his immense experience in the field has proven to be a valuable asset.

May 25, 2021

Introduction to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

1:00 PM EST

The NMVTIS program began as a result of the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992, the Anti-Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996, and was implemented by 28 CFR part 25.   NMVTIS is intended to protect consumers from fraud and deters the selling of unsafe and stolen vehicles.  This training will show how to operate all features, demonstrate how to successfully navigate search capabilities, and provide examples of how it can disseminate information to build a well-rounded understanding of a vehicle’s history.  This class will inform attendees on how this information can be used to expand an investigation and provide subsequent leads to enhance efforts for a successful case.    Attendees will learn sources of vehicle history information contained within to enable them to locate specific facts and supporting evidence dependent upon their needs.    This webinar is intended for law enforcement officers, vehicle crime investigators, crime analysts, and administrators of these offices and agencies.

Les Cravens.jpg

Les Cravens

Auto Data Direct

Les Cravens is the Director of Law Enforcement and Compliance for Auto Data Direct, Inc. where he is responsible for liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and DMVs; consulting on legislative issues; developing and coordinating training programs to assist clients; developing and implementing appropriate business policies with regard to local, state, and federal laws and rules; and provide subject matter expertise. Cravens’ career includes 3 years’ service in the U.S. Army Military Police and over 30 years with the Miami-Dade Police Department. During his tenure with Miami-Dade Police he specialized in auto crimes investigations. In addition to his investigative duties while in Law Enforcement and after at Auto Data Direct, Cravens developed instructional programs for law enforcement, DMV, and industry members aimed at prevention, investigations, and compliance with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to auto theft and related crimes. Cravens serves on several committees and working groups for the several associations, including the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Florida Auto Theft Intelligence Unit, and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.

May 25, 2021

CARFAX for Police

1:00 PM EST

Learn how CARFAX for Police  Investigative Tools can assist in your investigations utilizing National Partial License Plate Search, Vehicle History Reports, VIN Alert, Mobile Application, and Crash Center.


Lt. Michael Ledoux (ret)


Lt. Michael Ledoux retired from the Nashua New Hampshire Police Department in December of 2011, having served the agency for over 24 years. His experience in police work is very diverse, having worked in nearly every bureau within his agency. Upon retirement from police work, Michael immediately took a position with CARFAX in the newly formed CARFAX for Police program.  Michael has worked extensively with law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada.  Michael serves on the board of directors for NEIAATI and is also a member of the IACP Vehicle Crime Committee.   He is currently the Business Development  Manager for CARFAX for Police.  He also manages all Fusion Center partnerships for CARFAX for Police 

His responsibilities include supporting the team in acquiring police related accident data in exchange for a unique suite of Law Enforcement specific tools.  These tools utilize CARFAX’s extensive VIN database and signature CARFAX Reports to assist in solving crime.  Michael is also responsible for training CARFAX partner agencies on the use of these tools. These trainings are either on site at local or regional event hosted by a law enforcement agency or via a monthly Law Enforcement Webinar Training hosted by CARFAX for Police.

Michael served in the US Army with the 7th Special Forces Group and 82nd Airborne Division.  Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from Franklin Pierce University and an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Rivier University.

Paul Steier


Paul Steier is the Law Enforcement Program Manager with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).  Paul joined AAMVA in 2017 and previously served 25-years as a commissioned officer with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) where he was the Director of the Bureau of Investigation & Identity Protection.  Prior to his service as Bureau Director, Paul held the rank of Major working for the DOT’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement Office where he also served as a Fraud Investigator and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer.  Paul is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police serving on the Vehicle Crimes Committee and Chairs the Emerging Technologies with Vehicle Crimes Working Group. Paul is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association serving on the Traffic Safety Committee.  He is also a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and the Iowa Peace Officers Association. Paul has Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees in Criminal Justice from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Paul is a graduate of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and served 15 years on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.  

May 25, 2021

MURDER Everything Starts with a Vehicle

3:00 PM EST

This presentation with discuss how vehicles can be the key to solving Murder and Violent Crime Investigations. During the course we will discuss the Broken Windshield Theory, the history of Motor Vehicle Investigations to Major Crimes, review case studies, current trends, and review investigative insights that will assist you during your investigations.


Det. Maureen Stefenelli


Detective Maureen Stefenelli is a veteran detective, currently assigned to the NYPD Auto Crimes Unit. Previous to that, she worked the detective squad in Brooklyn, and remains a hostage negotiator and Peer Support Member. Her current duties find her routinely working plain clothes and undercover operations and she has taught numerous classes to local and federal law enforcement agencies. 

May 25, 2021

US/Mexico Repatriations & Cross Border Export

3:00 PM EST

This course will provide information on current US & México vehicle theft trends and the process for repatriation of vehicles when recovered.  The importation of vehicles stolen in México and ease which they are registered and insured in the United States will also be highlighted.  Rental cars exportation, insurance fraud and prosecution issues will also be discussed.

D. Frias (2).jpg

Dennis Frias

Locator Technologies LLC

Dennis Frias is the U.S./Canada Law Enforcement Liaison for the “Oficina Coordinadora de Riesgos Asegurados S.C”. (OCRA-Mexico), which represents the insurance sector in Mexico. OCRA coordinates efforts with law enforcement in Mexico for the identification and recovery of stolen vehicles. Dennis’ assignment for OCRA in the United States, is to work with law enforcement agencies to locate and seize vehicles stolen in Mexico and brought illegally into the U.S.  Dennis is currently Chair of the Vehicle Cross Border Crimes Committee for IAATI and the North American Export Committee.  Dennis is also the Law Enforcement Liaison for Locator Technologies LLC which provides data to auto finance organizations and law enforcement. Prior to working for OCRA and Locator, Dennis completed a 30 year career with the California Highway Patrol which included 20 years in Vehicle Theft assignments as an Investigator and Supervisor. 

Wednesday May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021

Making It Click – From Counter to Cuffs

9:00 AM EST

How Sixt rent a car’s simple tech spend is revolutionizing investigative efforts, creating visibility & reducing asset loss in the car rental industry.

Jenny Burkert.jpg

Jenny Burkert

Sixt Rent A Car LLC

Jenny serves as Director Corporate Security US for Sixt rent a car, where she has been instrumental in the expansion of their US footprint by minimizing the financial impact of asset loss and implementing a comprehensive nationwide security program over the last 10 years. As the first in the industry under Jenny’s leadership, counter cameras were rolled out to all Sixt US locations to capture documents and customer portrait pictures in color which has aided in the identification and the prosecution of many individuals involved in vehicle related crimes. Jenny is originally from Germany and studied Strategic Business Management there and in the UK before immigrating to the US on her own in early 2009. She is self-taught in corporate security and investigative disciplines.

May 26, 2021

The Art of Interviewing, Illusions and Successful Court Room Testimony

9:00 AM EST

The entire process of interviewing and interrogation is often described as the process of creating illusions to obtain information. Perception and impression in the court room are often overlooked in the final stage of your investigative work product.  This course talks about human behavior and cognitive psychology and applies them to interviews, interrogations and court room testimony. Information is the commodity for professional investigators. This course will provide insight in the use of traditional and non-conventional DBR, active listening and the power of the question mark. It will also focus on perceptual illusions to aid information collection and courtroom success.

George Ripley.jpg

George Ripley

Donegal Insurance Group

George is the SIU Manager for Donegal Insurance Group where he has worked for the past 2 ½  years. Prior to Donegal, he spent 21 years employed with the York City Police Dept. in York, PA. During his career as a York City Detective, he investigated over 150 Homicide cases in addition to managing a caseload of Major Crimes. He has logged in countless hours in the interview room and testifying in jury trials.  He de-briefed almost every jury at trial conclusion for research and professional development. George was the Supervising Detective when he retired from police work in 2018. He was also a Certified Voice Stress Examiner and instructed Police Officers and Detectives in the areas of interview, interrogation and court testimony. He has been published in an online magazine on the unconventional use of magic to remove barriers during interviews, interrogations and neighborhood canvassing.  Unsurprisingly, he is also a professional magician who performs magic for corporate events, fundraisers and once a month on television for Fox 43 Morning News.  

FAZ__0001 Crop 2020.jpg

Charles Amodio

Ferraro, Amodio & Zarecki, CPAs

Charles is a Certified Public Accountant, a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics and is Certified in Financial
Forensics.  Charlesis a Partner with Ferraro, Amodio & Zarecki, CPAs Forensic Accountants and Financial Advisors and specializes in the areas of insurance loss accounting, economic damage analysis, personal injury lost earnings, litigation support and financial investigations. In addition, Charles has provided lost profits and business interruption training to several insurance companies and trade associations.  
Charles has extensive experience in the conduct of Business Interruption claims, where he analyzes lost
profits and extra expense claims for businesses that have experienced an interruption. Charles also
specializes in projecting individual lost earnings for personal injury and wrongful death claims.  In addition,
Charles provides forensic accounting services of claims involving financial motive, employee theft, and
embezzlement. Charles is a member of the local and national Associations of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), and the New York State Chapter of Special
Investigation Units (NYSSIU).    He earned his Master of Business Administration Degree with a
concentration in accounting from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, and a Bachelor of Science
Degree from Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, North Carolina.  

May 26, 2021

Manufacturers Panel Roundtable

11:00 AM EST

Join representatives from the major automotive manufacturers and others as they discuss technology and security in the 21st Century.


Various Representatives

Various Automotive Manufacturers

Thomas Stapleton
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Thomas Stapleton is a Corporate Security, Manager for American Honda Motor Co., Inc.  He began his career as a Security Administrator in August 2000. In his current role he is responsible for physical and facility security operations for American Honda in the U.S.  He manages investigations, executive protection, security training, C-TPAT auditing and security planning, consulting with North American Honda companies, access control and managing electronic security systems.
Tom attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and has a degree in Business Administration. After his graduation he began his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department where he was assigned to various divisions and was a detective and a sergeant before leaving the department for Honda.       

Tim Kubajak, CTM, CPP, PCI, CFE, CCEP
Toyota North America, Inc.

Tim Kubajak has over 29 years of experience in law enforcement and corporate security. Tim is currently a Senior Analyst within the Toyota North America Global Security & Business Group. He has worked for Toyota for over 15 years, spending his first 7 years in Human Resources Investigations before transitioning to Corporate Security.  Tim has earned multiple professional credentials including Certified Threat Manager, Certified Protection Professional and Certified Fraud Examiner. He is a subject matter expert in workplace violence and a member of the Toyota North America Threat Assessment Team. Tim is also responsible for Toyota North American vulnerability and risk assessments and complex investigations.

Mike Lewis

Mike has been employed at Stellantis, formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), for over twelve years. He is currently working in the company’s Corporate Investigations Unit assigned to the Brand Protection Team, whose responsibilities include investigating trademark and patent infringement, counterfeit parts, supplier diversion, and the theft of parts. Prior to this, Mike had a career with the Michigan State Police that spanned over 25 years. In 1987 he took a temporary assignment in auto theft and never left, spending over 16 years in auto theft before retiring in 2003. During his career Mike worked in various auto theft and fraud units and ended his career as the commanding officer of a team in metropolitan Detroit. After retiring, and before beginning his career at Stellantis, Mike worked for Ford Motor Company as a corporate investigator and at Progressive Insurance as a member of their Special Investigations Unit in Michigan. Mike is a member of IAATI and NCRC and was one of the founders of the Michigan Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators (MAVTI), where he served as Director for four terms. Mike is married with two grown children and attended Eastern Michigan University.


Trooper Brian Meeker 
Trooper Iowa State Patrol

Trooper since 1995
Assigned to District 14 in Southeast Iowa from 1995-2005
2005-2008 assigned to District 21 HQ in the Plans Research and Training Bureau
2008-present assigned to District 15 Iowa State Patrol Vehicle Theft Unit
NCRC member and Past President 

Mark Jackson 

For the past seven years Mark Jackson has been employed with Nissan Group of North America as the Manager of Corporate Security and Manufacturing Security and Fire Prevention.  His background includes 40 years in senior leadership roles with two global automotive companies, fortune 100 companies and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/TSA. After 9/11 he helped to federalize numerous airports as an Assistant Federal Security Director.  In his current role, he is responsible for: physical and facility security, criminal investigations, executive protection, travel security, product protection, U.S. Customs Regulatory requirements, security training, and fire safety and prevention.  Mark attended the FBI Citizens Academy and has worked on numerous Community Outreach Programs with a special focus on supporting the Children’s Hospital.  

Martyn Huntley
Jaguar Land Rover

Martyn is a Senior Investigator employed by Jaguar Land Rover and is based in the UK. Martyn has been employed by Jaguar Land Rover since 2007 and prior to this from 1975 he was employed as a Police Officer by the West Midlands Police Authority. During his service he specialized and transferred onto the Force Stolen Vehicle Squad where he worked as a Detective and Stolen vehicle examiner and received training by the Metropolitan Police Vehicle Examiners course. Martyn liaises with all the Police stolen vehicle examiners across the globe and assists them to identify stolen vehicles using the stored data JLR record on build sheets when the vehicles are manufactured. Martyn also liaises with the internal JLR departments and discusses techniques used by criminals to steal JLR vehicles. With the help of the vehicle examiners, they will test recovered gadgets to learn how they work and then put a fix in place to stop them working.

Reg Phillips
CEO Vehicle Road Safety Solutions, Ontario, Canada

Reg Phillips is the Chief Executive Officer of Vehicle Road Safety Solutions in Ontario, Canada, and also the co-owner of Recoveri North America. Reg has over 29 years of experience in working with applied technology and innovative ideas towards solutions in the prevention of vehicle theft and related crimes. He has demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment in working behind the scenes with law enforcement and international governmental agencies to apply security modifications to correct ineffective and outdated vehicle security systems. His vision of enhancing crime prevention and road safety is enabling innovative and practical technological platforms to respond to the increasing threats of vehicle crimes. Reg currently serves as 3rd Vice President with the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Board, a Director of the North America Export Committee, a Director with the Vehicle Security Installation Bureau, Chairperson of the IAATI Automobile Theft Prevention Committee, Chairperson for the Counter-Measure Standards Committee and a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Vehicle Crimes Committee… to mention just a few of his efforts.

George Baker III
General Motors

George Baker serves as GM’s primary interface to the international vehicle crime investigation community.  He leads GM’s Global Vehicle Security Team, working with GM’s technical experts to ensure GM understands and counters current and emerging vehicle crime methods to provide optimal vehicle security to GM product owners. George has held a variety of positions at General Motors since 1995, including locomotive program manager in Mexico and Russia, sales/marketing/aftersales director in Moscow, director of GM Military Trucks, and OnStar’s primary liaison to law enforcement. He holds an engineering degree from West Point and a master’s degree in Russian area studies from Harvard University.  George is a retired US Army officer following his service on tanks and in the Army’s military liaison program.


Jeff Hall
Ford Motor Company

May 26, 2021

Prying Open the Elusive Door of Motive in Fraud Cases

11:00 AM EST

Motive in fraud cases sometimes seems like an elusive door which is not immediately apparent and needs to be pried open.  We will discuss in what types of cases motive must be legally proven.  We will examine different types of motive from drugs to hidden financial distress, which induce the minds of some to criminal acts.   Participants will learn how to explore motive and once cracked open, how to widen the door through probing questions.  We will also identify financial records to request and will be giving tips on how to scrutinize them through the eyes and experience of a forensic accountant.  Reading tax records, profit and loss statements and other financial records can be intimidating for most, particularly with respect to businesses.  We will also consider the proper use of motive indicators and classifications in the fire investigation process as set forth in NFPA-921, as well the distinction between motive and intent.  

Business photo 1.jpg

Scott Storm

Hurwitz & Fine, P.C.

Scott Storm is a member of Hurwitz & Fine, PC.  He has a multi-state insurance coverage practice of first-party property and third-party liability coverage matters of all commercial and personal property and casualty lines, including: analysis and evaluation of coverage issues; litigation of coverage disputes with policyholders or other insurers, through trial and appellate practice; and representation of insurers in intercompany arbitration matters.  He has exceptional experience in special investigations and conducting examinations under oath, as well as a substantial caseload of personal and commercial lines fraud and arson cases for insurers.  His practice also comprises insurance liability defense litigation of personal and commercial lines cases. Scott is admitted to the practice of law in New York State, its four federal districts and the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; as well as the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. District Court, Western District of Pa. He received his B.A. degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo and J. D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Scott is a supporting member of the New York State Chapter of Special Investigation Units, Inc.; International Association of Special Investigation Units; Erie County Bar Association; and Buffalo Claims Association.  He has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 through 2020 editions of New York Super Lawyers – Upstate Edition. You may contact Scott at sds@hurwitzfine.com and (716) 220-1478. 

May 26, 2021

Project Sandstorm

1:00 PM EST

Project SANDSTORM will delve into the world of organized crime, the use of mystery devices, drugs, & finance fraud all to traffic vehicles to the Middle East. 

Scott Cresswell.jpg

Detective Scott Cresswell

York Regional Police

Detective Scott Cresswell is currently assigned to the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau – Auto / Cargo Theft Unit since 2017. Scott has been a member of York Regional Police since 2003 and has worked in a variety of different capacities, including; Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations Bureau, Covert Operations and the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau. In 2016 Scott was promoted to Detective after completing a 5-year tenure as an investigator in the Auto/Cargo Theft Unit. Scott is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) and represents York Regional Police as a Regional Director for the North East Chapter. Scott is passionate about sharing information about organized crime as it relates to auto theft and trafficking to fellow investigators.  Scott has lectured at the 2019 International Auto Theft Conference in Scotland and the 2019 International Cargo Theft Seminar in Miami.

May 26, 2021

Introduction to Vehicle Telematics

1:00 PM EST

This course will provide an overview of vehicle telematics systems found in most new cars manufactured today.  These systems offer services such as stolen vehicle assist, remote entry, turn by turn directions, vehicle diagnostics, and more.  Attendees will gain a general understanding of how the systems work.  Attendees will learn how to determine if a vehicle has a telematics system, the name of that system, what information that system may contain, and how that information may benefit a criminal investigation.  Attendees will learn how to locate a vehicle using the telematics system.  The second portion of the course will discuss new techniques being developed to track a vehicle, like a cell phone various.  Unique identifiers such as MEID, IMEI, and IMSI will be discussed.  It will be explained why these numbers are important to telematics and to an investigation.  Attendees will learn where and how to find these unique identifiers.  An example of a successful telematic system search warrant, vehicle ping order, pen registry / trap and trace order will be explained and shown.   Attendees will be given a contact list for all major vehicle manufacturers telematic service providers.


M. Lynch

Mr. Lynch recently retired on March 1, 2021 after over 23 years in law enforcement, serving with both the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Montgomery County Police in Maryland.  During his 20 plus years with the Montgomery County Police, he was assigned to patrol, the Centralized Auto Theft Section, and the Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Section.  Mr. Lynch also completed temporary assignments within the Special Operations Division, Financial Crimes Section, Training Development Section, and the Electronic Technical Surveillance Unit.  He is an IAATI Level One Certified Auto Theft Investigator, a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator (CFCI), an ASE Certified Automobile Technician, and a Maryland Certified Police Academic Instructor.  Twice, Mr. Lynch has been declared an expert in court.  During his career, Mr. Lynch has received numerous awards and accommodations including Officer of the Year, a Senate of Maryland Distinguished Service Citation, Superior Investigation Award, and two lifesaving awards.  Mr. Lynch has developed and presented numerous training classes across various disciplines including Introduction to Vehicle Investigations Course (IVIC), Advanced Auto Theft – Highlight on Mercedes, U.S. Vehicle Manufactures, Auto Finance Fraud, and Introduction to Telematics.  These classes have been presented, locally, regionally and nationally. Mr. Lynch has an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from York College of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in criminal justice, with a concentration in emergency management, at American Military University.  


Nick Smilis

York Regional Police - Canada

Detective Constable Nick Smilis is currently assigned to the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau – Auto Cargo Theft Unit since 2018. Nick has been a member of York Regional Police since 2007 and has worked in a variety of different capacities, including; Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations Bureau and the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau. Nick was also a valued member of the York Regional Police Ceremonial Unit. In 2018, Nick was assigned to the Auto Cargo Theft Unit as an investigator. Nick Has been the file manager for the past three investigations into organized crime related to auto theft and trafficking stolen vehicles overseas. During the fall of 2020, investigators identified and a criminal organization involved in the theft and trafficking of motor vehicles. This investigation was named ‘Project Kitkat’, which resulted in the dismantling of the criminal organization and 73 stolen vehicles being recovered worth more then $4.8 million dollars. Nick has completed over 100 expert examinations on stolen re-vinned vehicles and is currently training and mentoring newer members in the office.

May 26, 2021

Body Shop & Odometer Fraud

3:00 PM EST

This session is designed to provide the investigator the knowledge need to identify, document and fight fraudulent activities by collision shops. Such activities include false accident to instigate a claim, damage enhancement, and improper repairs. This session will also teach how to identify improper repairs such as low-quality parts, repair instead of replacement of damage parts, i.e. fenders and repairs that are simply not done. Once the fraudulent activity is identified and documented, this session will provide ways to address the fraud with the shop by either direct communication, civil litigation or criminal proceeding. Attendees will be encouraged to known what the State Laws say as to consumer protections related to automotive repair. In addition, this session will show how automotive shops and individual are able to manipulate odometers for fraudulent resale, lease return, warranty and insurance fraud purposes. Examples of all issues identified will be provided and shown along with success stories.


Jason Keller

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan

Jason Keller, Special Investigator for the past 17 years for Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan specializing in automobile theft, fire, physical damage and repair fraud. Jason graduated from Ferris State University in 1993 with a degree in Accounting and started his career at Michigan Farm Bureau as an Internal Auditor before becoming an Investigator. Jason is a member of IASIU, the Michigan Chapter of IASIU, IAATI, and MAVTI. He has also had the honor of serving on the Board and past President of the Michigan Chapter of IASIU. Jason has presented at IASIU annual conference, Chapter meetings of IASIU, the annual Chapter conference, the MAVTI conference and the NCRC conference of IAATI. Jason lives with his beautiful wife of 26 years, Tammy with their three children.

May 26, 2021

Cargo & Pilferage Theft

3:00 PM EST

The presentation will cover a high level overview of cargo theft, the industry data and what that data tells us and the progression of specific methods.  We will then narrow down to discuss in more detail the issue of pilferage based thefts.  Pilferage theft has been consistently on the rise to include the industry critical issue of broken seals.  We will discuss the reasons for the increase, the projections going forward, show specific examples of pilferage related theft as well as preventive steps that can be taken.

Scott zCornell.jpg

Scott Cornell

Travelers Inland Marine

Scott Cornell, National Practice Leader Transportation and Crime & Theft Specialist, Travelers Inland Marine, has been in the insurance industry for 19 years with Travelers and is currently leading the Cargo/Transportation division. Prior to his current role he conducted investigations for 25 years, specializing in cargo theft and transportation, internal theft, embezzlement and corporate investigations and is a nationally recognized expert in the cargo theft field. Scott helped create a fully dedicated cargo theft unit for Travelers, known as SIG (Special Investigations Group), and is a co-inventor of multiple patented processes for methods and systems for providing customized risk mitigation and recovery to an insurance customer. He and the SIG team regularly partner with law enforcement and cargo task forces nationwide. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman for TAPA (Transportation Asset Protection Agency). Scott has been an instructor and speaker regarding cargo theft and prevention at numerous engagements, including ATA, IASIU, Miami Dade PD Cargo School, Midwest cargo Summit, Texas Cargo Summit, TIDA, TCA, TLC, TIA and the National Cargo Theft Law Enforcement Summit.

carfaxforpolice logo.png
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Learn & Be Inspired with today's experts

The 48th Annual Vehicle Crimes Conference is designed for law enforcement and fraud professionals in mind. Learn about the latest trends and the newest tactics & procedures to enhance your crime fighting abilities and increase those tools.

While the majority of speakers are confirmed, this remains a tentative agenda and is subject to change.